Brian Staveley is the author of The Emperor’s Blades, first book of the epic fantasy trilogy, Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, forthcoming in January 2014 from Tor Books.

Brian has taught literature, religion, history, and philosophy, all subjects that influence his novels, and holds an MA in Creative Writing from Boston University. He works as an editor for Antilever Press, and has published poetry and essays, both in print and on-line. He lives in Vermont with his wife and young son, and divides his time between running trails, splitting wood, writing, and baby-wrangling.

(Title Photo: Brook Detterman)

(Author Photo: Laura Swoyer)

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  1. Mr. Staveley, your blog is very entertaining and useful for us Fantasy writers, but I think all writers would benefit from it. However, you have a distinct advantage – living in Vermont gives you a leg up on all of us! Ha! At present I am living in New Hampshire (obscure topsy-turvy Robert Frost reference here). Cheers!

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  3. Um, Mr. Staveley: there was an ARC of your book on ebay, which I bid on and was scalped at the last few seconds. I’ve been watching for weeks for another, but no such luck. You see, I read the review comments and I was lost/in love at “massive attack birds and hive lizards.” Do you, perchance, have an ARC you know, like laying around underneath something somewhere that you would send me? Just out of the kindness of your heart? I’m sitting here at my desk at work hoping I’m not typing this in vain, but I do have a picture of a Welsh Corgi puppy on my desktop background which never fails to cheer me. If the puppy reference and failure to win the ebay bid doesn’t get you, how about this: My favorite quote is “When I get a little money, I buy books. If there is any left I buy food and clothing.” I should admit to you I am extremely thin and sometimes naked in my spare time.

    • Hi Charlotte —

      Thanks for getting in touch! I’d love nothing better than to send you an ARC and keep you from starving, but I only have one left that I’m saving for my son (when he grows up). I didn’t realize they were selling on Ebay — how much did it go for?

      Although I don’t have any more ARCs, I can offer a ray of hope. Tor (my publisher) is running a lottery. You could win my book or four others, all by great writers. You can find a link here:

      It’s open until the 31st of October.

      If I see anything else, I’ll be sure to let you know!

  4. Aren’t you a great dad? Thank you for your reply. I signed up for the drawing and will keep my fingers crossed! Blessings to you and yours.


  5. Forgot to tell you– I will still buy your book so you get some $$. If I really LOVE a book I want a first edition. I’m sure you don’t see any bucks from ARCs on ebay….have a great day and blessings to your family!

  6. Oh gosh. Sittiing on my coffee table, waiting on me like a treasure waiting to be discovered. I will definitely have to get it in January cause you don’t get the maps in an ARC. Thank you, I am so excited, will begin the journey tonight…

  7. Mr. Staveley, I’m a french and I read your book “the emperor’s blade”. As you can see (or read) my level in english is not very good. But I found your book very easy to read but don’t worry it is not infantile.
    Quite some time, I read only book in English because their are more books of fantasy in this language and I don’t have to wait for the translation but the good books are very rare so when I read your book I was very happy and I read it in one day. I say in myself : finally a good author with a brain!
    I think that in fantasy, the story must be simple but the universe complex or something like this… I think you know this better than me. But look at J.V.JONES, Kathleen duey, Brent week,robert jordan… Their story is always simple. One or two main characters who fight against the destiny for what they think is just and the bad side is not bad but he want only the power….. Sorry, I SURELY SAYS SOME nonsense but I saw so many author who want to be original and they write a complex story with too many people so the reader can not identify to the characthers
    Your are very talented, your writing is fluid and I will follow you and wait for you next book but be careful if your next book are bad I will not be nice.
    PS : Don’t forget to describe the food and the travel.

    • Je vais essayer de repondre en Francais, mais ce serait probablement assez terrible parce que il y a 15 ans depuis que j’ai etudier la langue. Aussi, je ne sais pas comment utilizer les accents avec mon ordinateur! Merci beaucoup pour votre lettre. Il est tres passionnant pour moi de decouvrir que quelqu’un en France a trouver le livre! J’espere qu’un jour il sera traduire en la votre langue — c’est possible! Mon prochain roman est presque fini. J’espere que c’est bon! Au revoir… Brian

      • Votre niveau en français est meilleur que le mien en anglais(lol). J’attends avec impatience la suite et également vos prochains romans et j’en parlerai autour de moi.
        J’ai trouvé votre livre grâce au site GOODREAD. Je cherchais désèspérement un bon livre et je vous ai trouvé.
        Si votre livre est traduit, il ne pouurra que plaire aux francophones. Mais je ne suis pas trop au courant du marché du livre en france (rendement financer pour l’auteur…) et donc si c’est judicieux pour vous.
        Savez vous déjà combien de livres comportera cette série ?
        Your level in french is better than mine in english (lol). I wait with impatience the book 2 and your next books.
        I found your book because of the website GOODREAD. I wanted desperately a good fantasy book and I found you.
        If your book is translate in french, I am sure that everyone will love your book but I am not very aware of the book market in France (financial performance …) so if it’s a good idea or not.
        But in my side I will talk about you around me and if I don’t find your book in the shops with others book in english (but I don’t think that is possible) I will scream on them.
        Do you know already how many book this chronicle will have ?

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