More “Shit”: A Follow-Up on Cursing in Fantasy

So, as a result of the interesting discussion that emerged on the post below, I did a little more looking around on ye worlde wide webbe and came across some great sites.

First, I found an outstanding (and quite comprehensive) glossary of swears in fantasy and sci-fi from Next, an interesting post on the subject by Jo Walton. Also, check out a great post by Joe Abecrombie (who uses many, many curses in his novels). Finally, a list of all the slang and invented curses used in Jordan’s WOT.

What do you see in here that works? What’s not so great?

2 thoughts on “More “Shit”: A Follow-Up on Cursing in Fantasy

  1. The glossary of swears is great – both fun and useful (if only for what not to duplicate, and what NOT to do, by the dragon’s tail!). Love Farscape, Battlestar Gallactica and Red Dwarf – seeing the oh-so-familiar curses made me smile. Some of the Farscape curses are in regular use at home, particularly frell and dren (useful in front of the grandkids!).

    • Right?? Some of them are so unbelievably cumbersome. I still think “frakking” from BG was one of the most brilliant invented expletives to come down the pike. My wife and I haven’t been as good as we should be watching our language around the toddler. He sometimes gets a very contemplative look on his face, then announces, usually a propos of nothing: HOLY SHIT!

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