TLMB: What does it mean? A contest.

EDIT: CONTEST CLOSED. COVER REVEAL COMING SOON. But you should still scroll down and see some the hysterical entries…

After much consideration, I’ve finally settled on a title to the third book in the Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne. And it is… drumroll… drumroll…


Ok, that’s not it, exactly. That’s the acronym. We’re not revealing the title until we can reveal the cover, which is probably a couple of weeks out. In the meantime, this strikes me as a great chance to run a contest. Below, in the comments, put in your guesses for the title of this third book. There will be three different divisions, each with a different prize:

Division 1: My wife’s favorite title. Prize: KETTRAL ATHLETIC DEPT. T-shirt

Division 2: My poker buddies’ favorite title. Prize: KETTRAL ATHLETIC DEPT. T-shirt

Division 3: The title that’s closest to the real title: Prize: An ARC of TLMB (although they probably won’t be printed until late summer).

Rules: Only three entries per person. Contest closes whenever we do the cover reveal. And no, I’m not exactly sure when that is, so get on it!

95 thoughts on “TLMB: What does it mean? A contest.

  1. Thanks for making us readers part of your process once again. And is great to read all this awesome entries.

    The Longest Months of Brian
    The Lovely Monk’s Brothel
    Then Laith Murdered Balendin

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  3. I gave up trying to read through all of the previous submissions so I’m just going to throw mine in the mix and hope someone else hasn’t already posted them…

    1. The Lovely Mommy Book
    2. The Last Missing Blade
    3. The Last Malkeenian Blade

  4. This is killing me. The M is the key I’m sure. Have so many words for L & B. Light, Last, Link, Lost, Lake. Blood, Battle, Bullet, Beneath, Below. Longer words for M, Malice, Magic, Magical, Mythical, Malkinean, Master, Minister.
    Can I have mastermind pegs?

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