More Books, More Details, and a Reader Poll



Actually, I suppose I would be writing more books no matter what. Let me rephrase that:



The official deal announcement at Publishers’ Marketplace is as brief as it is sweet:


I can shed a little more light on what I’ve got planned through a hypothetical Q&A. Or a real Q&A with a hypothetical interrogator. You get the idea…

Are you writing another trilogy? Not yet. Each of these books will stand alone.

Why aren’t you writing another trilogy??? I want to explore a lot more of the world I’ve created, and I want to try my hand at a shorter form.

I WANT ANOTHER TRILOGY. Sorry. Also, that wasn’t a question.

Isn’t calling a 175K-word novel “short” sort of ridiculous? Not if you’re comparing it to a 290K-word novel, which is the finished length of The Last Mortal Bond.

I want the books to be set in the same world as the Unhewn Throne trilogy. That wasn’t a question.

You’re being an asshole. Also not a question.

Fine. Will these books be set in the same world as the Unhewn Throne trilogy? At least some of them, yes. In fact, you can VOTE in the comments below if there’s something you’re particularly keen to see.

Are these books going to be about the same characters? Some yes. Some no. There will be a blend of new and familiar faces.

Is Gwenna alive at the end of The Last Mortal Bond? I can’t answer that.



Kaden? Look, all I can tell you is that some of the characters die and some of them live.

DO NOT KILL THE CHARACTERS I LIKE. Apologies in advance for killing any characters you liked.

KILL THE CHARACTERS I DON’T LIKE. This is starting to feel less and less like a Q and A…

What are you going to write about in these new books? I have a whole batch of exciting ideas, but I also really want to hear from you…

ME!?! No, not you. I want to hear from everyone else reading this. IF YOU HAVE A REQUEST, or idea, or even a brazen demand, feel free to LEAVE IT IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. Obviously, I can’t promise that I’ll write a book about everything everyone wants, but you never know – if enough people weigh in on something I’m already considering, that might be enough to shift the scales. Also, feel free to ask any other questions you might have.

Finally, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over to all of the wonderful readers who have read the books, sent encouraging email, posted reviews anywhere and everywhere, pushed the novels on their friends and family, and generally supported this whole endeavor. I’m so grateful to be doing this for a living, and for the chance to keep doing it – a chance I owe to all of you.

70 thoughts on “More Books, More Details, and a Reader Poll

  1. I know it’s been years since this was posted but I just discovered your books. It seems like everyone has already said all the things I want so I’ll just say that people are still reading and enjoying your writing, so please write more soon. Also the flea is crazy inspiring to me and there is so much interesting interplay to the neveriim-csestriim- human story.

      • Of course! It’s amazing! Thanks for writing more. Keep it up! I’m a big fan. I know this is a bit strange but when I was in the army a million years ago I was a deep sea diver. We were trained by the Navy at a place called ndstc in Panama City FL. I only mention it because I really dug the parts of the books when they were in training. Not that my unit was anywhere near as badass as flea’s.
        Also thanks for responding to my original comment. I never expected it.

  2. What about a story of Valyn”s time training and the relationships that he built there, the adventures that were had.
    Also as already stated the Flea and his team would be great.

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