Monks, Cartographers, Death: a Blog Round-Up

I haven’t published anything on here for a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy writing posts for other blogs. Here’s a round-up of the latest crop:

We’ve All Got It Coming: On the role of death as the ultimate, inevitable spoiler.

Cartography and its Discontents: Exploration of the role of the fantasy map, and a chance to make a little fun of my constantly disoriented wife.

Fire Lookout, Monk, Water Skier, Teacher: Some thoughts on the best career for an aspiring writer.

Read or Die: On the importance and difficulty of reading while writing.

Huffington Post Interview: In which I explain why I don’t like to break things, then discuss a vicious, sadistic wizard.

Algebra for Fantasy Writers: Self-explanatory, really.

The Log Goblin: An original short story. As opposed, I guess, to an unoriginal short story?

That ought to keep you busy for a while. Oh, and if you missed it somehow, the Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne is finished! The final book, The Last Mortal Bond, dropped two weeks ago. Happy reading!


10 thoughts on “Monks, Cartographers, Death: a Blog Round-Up

  1. So glad to have some new posts to read, though fully understandable that you have been to busy to write much on this blog itself lately. I just wanted to say that I loved your trilogy, truly thought it was fantastic, and that I look forward immensely to your future books. Thanks for entertaining us.

  2. Totally bummed that I missed your reading at the University of Washington Bookstore! As a graduate student, I’m pretty oblivious to happenings outside of campus, but dang I should’ve seen this advertised somewhere on campus! Found out about the event on April 1st! Cruel fate! I never thought I’d ever feel disappointed about missing a chance to meet an author.

    • I’m bummed, too! I try to post this stuff on my fb and twitter accounts, but I know how easy it is to miss things in those feeds. At any rate, I hope to make it back out that way before too long…

  3. Thanks for the Trilogy, Brian – I loved all of it. I think you wrapped it up very well (these things are tricky!) but it would be cool to hear you tell about how you made certain decisions and why, what got changed in the process and why. Just as a “first it was this, but that didn’t work at all, so then my Beta said What if Valyn is emo?” type of thing. I love those.

    Anyway – question and minor spoiler: Why flaunt a badass like that Noble-gone-Robey-Fighter in book #2 and then not use his awesome skillz at all in book #3? Talk about a non-smoking Chekov! I would have loved to see him involved in some of the action in Annur. Not that there was too little of the action… Less is not always more.

    Again, thanks and I look forward to your Pyrre books. And the Robey-Nobley wrap-up. And Nevariim info – any at all…

    • Thanks, Anders! I’m tempted to write one of those process posts, but sometimes people don’t like to see how the sausage gets made. Of course, those folks don’t need to read it, I suppose. Like you, I love seeing behind the curtain. As for Gabril, honestly, I thought he’d play a much larger role in the third book. Then I realized how many characters absolutely demanded my full attention (K, V, A, Nira, Flea, Pyrre, Long Fist, Tan, Gwenna, Talal, Annick, etc, etc) and I just didn’t have room for him. I’m not done with him yet, though, have no fear on that account…

      • I agree with Anders about a process post. Of particular interest to me is if you always planned on what happened to/with Tan happening because I thought his role in the third book was so interesting and so revealing of the books’ philosophies and belief systems.

  4. Brian – finishing the Unhewn Throne was like losing a favourite pet. A thing which happened recently!!
    l adored the 3 books and like your other readers was sad to finish. A brilliant trilogy that you brought together very nicely at the end – but sadly finished it all very abruptly.
    l’ll be honest and felt that all the ‘Gods’ stuff went on a bit, to the detriment of the human factor. And being ‘human’ l think we form attachments with the ‘humans’ in your story more so than the Gods. Maybe l’m being selfish, perhaps even naieve, but l thought at the end it all finished very quickly. Wonderful stories all going on in various parts of the Empire – quickly brought togther in the spire, and bang – it’s over.
    Would have loved an Epilogue – telling us how all went for the characters and they left Annur and headed away. Perhaps material for further stories down the line??
    But that is a small, perhaps trivial matter. Because l just loved your trilopgy, and l wish you and your wonderful imagination and writing skills much luck, health and happiness. Because if you keep producing books of that quality – you will be a very popular and successful man.
    Best wishes for the future and thanks again for many many of absolute pleasure and escapism.
    as ever
    p/s – if you are ever in Ireland – give me a shout and l’ll buy you a ‘nice cup of tea’ !!

  5. I’d love to see an alternate timeline story or set of short stories where Valyn’s Kettral wing got to actually do missions together and become the legendary team they could have been.

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